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Young Mutants in LoveYoung Mutants in Love Launch Party

What do Gavin and Cacy do when they find their bodies transformed by an astronomical event? Move to New York City and fight crime of course.

But are they a match for Mornigan, a would-be conqueror from another world, and his host of diabolical creations?

Find out in Young Mutants in Love the new book by William D. Dickerson due for release October 19th, 2013.

The Great Book Launch Blowout of 2013- The Fundraiser

I wasn’t able to have a proper book launch event when I self-published my first novel, Cherry Wood, but I have put my heart and soul into Young Mutants in Love and gotten help with the design work and the marketing. Now I want to plan a real kick-off party and launch Young Mutants in Love with a bang.

My goal is to raise the money for promotional material, such as posters and bookmarks, as well as host a launch party. I would use the money pledged to rent a venue, hire cosplayers to play my heroes and host a book signing. For the event to be successful, a certain amount of promotion and support will be required as well.

Risks and Challenges.

The book is finished and with beta readers. Its publication is inevitable. As with all endeavors of this sort, however, one risk is technical difficulties or delays. It is possible that the publication could be delayed by circumstances beyond my control. I have tried to leave a comfortable cushion of time to deal with delays.

I am working with a book promoter that will handle the design, printing and deliver of posters, book marks, and any other promotional material. I have confidence in this company to deliver but of course you never if there could be an unforeseen delay.

My final hurdle that I foresee is that the cos-players are a stretch goal. The funds will be split between the event itself and its promotion. The cosplayers enacting the roles of Cacy and Gavin might need to be scaled out if it breaks the budget.


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