Young Mutants in Love

by William D. Dickerson

Watch for the release October 19th, 2013


Description of Young Mutants in Love

When there is danger, heroes often arise from the masses.

One night while stargazing, Cacy and Gavin witness an astronomical phenomenon that changes their lives. Their bodies change, and they discover that they can access super human abilities, but only when they switch bodies.

Shortly after this, they move to New York City to fight crime only to discover a threat from another world who is armed with monsters, robots, and other diabolical creations at his disposal.

Karis-It’s always nice to be able to fly and be invulnerable, but Gavin still isn’t sure it’s worth the price of being in Cacy’s body

Diz-It’s hard to take the world seriously when you’re so much faster than life. That doesn keep him from using his incredible speed to protect the world.

Mornigan-His people used to conquer worlds and Mornigan has decided that Earth is the perfect place to return his people to their past.