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Mr T makes Comic Con Hella Cool.

Mr T is hella tough at Number 5

Mr. T

I saw this guy on Tumblr on Friday night and couldn’t believe I’d missed Mr. T at Comic Con, but I found him on Saturday for this B. A. photo.

It’s almost impossible to see every costume you want to see or could possibly see at a comic con, but I was glad that I was able to see this one. Not only did he go to the extra effort of growing the beard and shaving the mohawk, he also had the attitude and voice down just right. I’m not sure Mr T himself could have done it better.

What is Denver Comic Con all about?

Denver Comic Con isn’t just about holding a Comic Con. There is so much more behind it. DCC is the proud face of the Comic Books Classroom, an organization that works to promote literacy with the use of comic books in the classroom. This group recognizes the appeal of comic books to both boys and girls of various ages, and want to use that interest in comic books to increase their reading ability. It is still a local effort, but it is growing.

Check out Denver Comic Con and the Comic Books Classroom today.

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