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Daily Quotes boosted my Twitter account

When I started National Novel Writing Month back in November, I decided I wanted to do something different with my Twitter account. I don’t use my Twitter account much because I don’t get much benefit from it. (That is because I don’t know how to draw attention to myself on it.) So when November approached, I chose to post daily quotes from what I was writing on Twitter and see what happened.

 Lessons I learned about Daily Quotes

  1.  Just because a quote is good doesn’t mean that it will work for your daily quotes. Why? You only get 140 characters, and that isn’t much space so some of your quotes have to be broken up in order to work, and that isn’t a good idea unless you have a huge following.
  2. Look for daily quotes that are quick, snappy, and funny/interesting. My daily quotes were about gaining some attention and so I wanted to make sure that the quotes that I picked would be helpful with that.
  3. Look for quotes that you enjoy.  Your best bet with the daily quotes is to look for readers that enjoy the kinds of stuff that you enjoy, so make sure your quotes are the lines that stick out in your mind and memory.
  4. Use good hashtags Hashtags run Twitter and interactions on Twitter. It can be tricky because the hashtags limit how many characters you have available, but if you don’t use them, then you won’t get any outreach. What tags did I use? #amwriting #NaNoWriMo2014 #godsengineer and #dailyquote.
  5. Follow up with anyone that interacts with your tweets If someone likes or retweets your tweet, be sure to check out their twitter account and return the favor if you see something that you like.

Twitter can be a complicated place, and I don’t know most of the tricks of the site, but hopefully these ideas and suggestions will help you to interact more in the Twitterverse.

What is your favorite hashtag? Leave it in the comments. (Mine is #hashtag.)

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