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Can we just talk about women in comic books?

women in comics

Why don’t women in comics get more respect. Here’s She Hulk dropping in to help the Mighty Avengers deal with a problem.

It’s strange to me to think about the fact that women in comic books don’t get more respect in the real world. Let’s ignore the fact that there it’s 2015 and there still isn’t a Black Widow movie, and that the only super powered woman in the new Avengers movie is a villain. No, let’s talk about several super heroines that don’t get enough respect.

Who are the unsung Women in Comic books?

1. Thor

I know what you’re thinking, “Thor isn’t a woman. How can you complain about Thor when you’re talking about women in comics?” Well, that’s easy to explain. Due to some problems with Mjolnir, Thor has been ousted as the god of thunder and replaced a woman. That makes Thor one of the many women in comics we are talking about.

She is not “Lady Thor.” She is not “some woman holding Thor’s hammer.” She is Thor. And she kicks ass.

2. Shadowcat

Kitty Pryde is a Jewish woman with the power to make herself intangible. She can walk through stuff like it wasn’t even there. She can walk on air, and on top of that, she’s been trained to fight by Wolverine. Lot’s of people treat her like she is a joke, but Kitty is nothing to joke about.

As one of the many women in comic books, she doesn’t take any of your nonsense, thank you.

If you want a better reason why Kitty should be respected, just remember that she could phase a rock inside your head and leave it there. Even an adamantium skull wouldn’t keep that rock out.

3. Jean Grey

Jean gets a lot of flack for dying and coming back over and over again, but let’s be honest, there are penty of characters that died a lot more than she has so far. (Look at Magneto. He died after almost every encounter in the early years of X-men comics.)

As one of the earliest women in comic books, Jean still gets the short of the stick. (Well, the modern ago of comics, that is.) Don’t forget about her connection to the Phoenix force.

4. Squirrel Girl

Sure Squirrel Girl started off as a joke, but you can’t argue with how she has impacted the Marvel Universe. She’s even getting ready to take on Galactus. Squirrel Girl shows why you shouldn’t mess with women in comic books. She’s smart and funny and has a pack of squirrels ready to cover her back should she need them.

So the next time you want to put down women in comic books, just remember that there are plenty of awesome female characters out there. (And they can probably beat you to a pulp, so watch out.)

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